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Lucy offers a fee-free account you can easily access for all your money management.

To create an account with Lucy, download the Lucy app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store and set up your profile. Upon registration, your first account will be created with S$ 50 bonus credit. You can top up your account from another Lucy account/pocket saver or from a bank account.

To create additional accounts,

How do I add money into my Lucy account?

You can add money to your Lucy account via a bank transaction from your local bank account. You can also transfer funds between your own Lucy accounts and pocket savers.

Can I earn interest on the money in my Lucy account?

Currently, you cannot earn interest on the money in your Lucy account.

Does Lucy support joint accounts?

Currently, we do not support joint accounts.


However, if you think we should add this capability in our upcoming releases, drop us an email at welucy.odoo.com with your suggestions. We would love to hear from you! 


How do I close an account?

To close an account, log in to your Lucy app and select the account that you wish to close. Click on the settings icon on the top of the page and select Close account.

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