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You can create a profile in the Lucy app if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old

  • Are a resident of Singapore

  • Own a compatible smartphone (iOS 9 or above for an iPhone, Android 7.0 or above for an Android device)

  • Have a personal email address and mobile number

  • Possess intermediate English language skills.

Signing up on Lucy is easy and really quick, it should take you no more than 2 minutes.

To set up your Lucy profile:

If you have any issues while signing up, you can reach out to our customer service here and we'll get right on it. We're here to help! 

Can I access Lucy from my desktop/laptop?

No, currently you can access Lucy via our mobile app only.

How do I make changes/update the details of my Lucy profile?

You can edit and make changes to your Display Name, Login Email Address and PIN.

To update the details of your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your profile on the Lucy app

  • Tap on the menu bar icon on the top left to display a list 

  • Select Settings from the list

  • Tap the option Profile & Login and make the necessary changes

How do I close my Lucy profile?

Lucy does not charge you for keeping your basic account open even when it is not in use.

However, if you would like to close your profile,  go to the 'Settings'  option in the menu, click on 'Profile & Login' button and select 'Close Lucy Profile'.

When you close your account, you will have to indicate where you want to transfer your money. Confirm that the details and the amount of transfer are correct.  Also, note that when you close your profile, your automatic debits are also cancelled.

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