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You can use the Lucy app to transfer money to local bank accounts that are added to your connections. To add a local bank account to your connection, select 'Connections' from the menu. Click on 'Add local bank account' and enter the following details: Bank name, Account holder name, email, account number, and account nickname. When the details are validated, the bank account will be added to your connections

To make a transaction, follow the steps below:

How do I set up recurring payments with Lucy?

You can schedule the recurring payments the same way you make a regular payment and before confirming the payment, select the Recurring option to view the payment customization.

Based on your requirement, select the repeat payment frequency as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and use the date picker to choose the start date.
You can specify the number of payments/end date or set it to run indefinitely until further notice.

Can I change or cancel a transfer?

Unless the transfer is future dated, you can not change or cancel a transaction once you've clicked confirm. So you verify the recipient and transfer the amount before confirming a transaction.

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