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Lucy is a financial services mobile application designed to help women like YOU. Our mission is to provide financial services and resources to give you the freedom to attain financial stability and achieve your full potential.

Lucy doesn't think like a bank, Lucy thinks like you

When it comes to financing, we feel that many women are critically overlooked and underbanked. The majority of banking services currently offered are too generic and don’t consider the specific needs of this community. Lucy aims to bridge this gap and provide tailored solutions to empower you to become unstoppable.

Lucy can be operated solely from your mobile phone and offers a fee-free account with Mastercard. With incredible features including fee-free savings pockets, no interest salary advances, flexible credit, fair rate international transfers, and peer and mentor support, Lucy offers carefully tailored products and services that you need to take control of your financial future.

Fee-free pocket savers

No interest salary advances


Easy and Flexible Loan


Fair rate international transfers


We’re launching in Singapore soon and tailoring Lucy to each region to ensure that we solve the unique issues that real women face. One size fits all is really one size fits none… and so we’re making it personal. Lucy is designed for you.

Is Lucy safe and secure to use?

At Lucy, the security of your account and personal data is our highest priority.

We adhere to the strict rules and regulations set by the regulatory agencies of Singapore- Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and other data protection laws.

On top of that, Lucy also uses the latest security technology and a specialised in-house security team to protect your money and account. You can read more about our Privacy and Security Policy here.

How do I know my money is safe with Lucy?

As an authorized electronic money institution, Lucy safeguards your money as per the regulatory regulations of the Payment Services Act 2019.
According to this act,
 all customer deposits are required to be held in a trust account maintained with a safeguarding institution. A "trust account" means that this money can't be access by either ourselves or Rapyd (our integrated payment solution), and therefore every single dollar or all customer deposits will be in that account at all times. In the event of Rapyd (not Lucy) going bankrupt, you will be able to claim your money from this account. You can read more about our Privacy and Security Policy here.

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